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Principal causes due to irritation
Principal causes due to allergy


Nail disorders due to irritation or allergy
published: June, 1999
by: A. Blondeel- Belgium
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In exceptional cases, the nail may be attacked directly by various chemicals (alkalis, acids, concentrated salts, etc.) or natural products (of plant or animal origin). More often, injury to the nail is subsequent to damage to the periungual and, in particular, matricial regions in the course of contact eczema.

Lesions of the nails of the hands (occupation, leisure activities, cosmetics, topical treatments, etc.) are certainly more frequent than those of the nails of the feet (footwear, treatments, etc.).

Exacerbation is possible as a result of:

  • microbial or fungal superinfection
  • the co-existence of other skin diseases affecting the integrity of the nail (psoriasis and lichen planus in particular)

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